Alexa luxury bed set furniture

Alexa luxury bed set furniture

Alexa bed set is our best sales from all bed set series that we have. A white painted wooden furniture with gold leaf paint decoration on the carved parts. This series will bring clean and bright looks to your bedroom.

Welcome to Furniture4Palace!

Furniture4palace is the brand of Timeless fine furniture who bring the beauty luxury furniture into your home palace. we offering you a luxury dining room sets, bedroom sets, high end furniture and provide you designer furniture with italian furniture style for bedroom furniture made from wood furniture. Proudly we bring you our interior furniture designs with the hand carved furniture form the highly talented craftsmanship of Indonesia, also purchase the furniture direct with the manufacturers and get the discount furniture for your huge project. 

Our palace furniture will affect you like a king and queen in your beauty home palace. Every single place of you favorite will become a symbol of elegance and luxury. You would be lovely to fill up your living room with our luxury sofas, Feel the luxury of spending times in your elegant bedroom sets, find your best meals in your luxury dining room sets.

We proudly bring all of the luxuries furniture for you... for your home palace...!! And for your satisfaction for getting your own luxury home palace. your custom furniture design is always welcome.


IFEX furniture exhibition 2015

IFEX furniture exhibition 2015 We have followed IFEX furniture exhibition which have been held in Jakarta international expo since 12 untill 15 March, 2015. Together with some other division of WISANKA, PT. located at hall C-014. Among many visitors came to our booth, we got sum of visitors who interest in classic luxury furniture collection beyond of our expectation. We seen people who interest in luxury classic style furniture relatively stable, even in some circumstance tend to increase. It is a great experience of furniture exhibition this year for our "Furniture for palace" division.   Luxury furniture in classic style not only interested by people who have luxury house or a palace. But our furni...